FinXTM is our flagship solution for financial governance and business analytics

It allows treasury organizations to:

• Optimize decision making processes
   using actionable analytics

• Enhance quality and timeliness of
   management and financial reporting

• Promote end-user self sufficiency in
   data analysis and insight generation

• Minimize reporting infrastructure
   operating cost

The financial governance module ensures data quality and integrity

It integrates with our clients’ existing infrastructure to automate essential controls over the reporting process.

FinXTM Governance automates the reconciliation of positions and P&L between front office, operations and accounting, and provides summary and detail reconciliation dashboards and reports. With FinXTM Governance, breaks are identified as they occur rather than at month-end or quarter-end. Drill-down analysis provides full visibility into the nature of any exceptions.

FinXTM Governance enables our clients to achieve:

• real time visibility into the status of the
   financial close
• shortest time-to-close
• minimal process cost

FinXTM Governance furthermore enables the integration of finance and risk reporting using a single source of the truth, promoting consistency of reports and analytics across departments.
The business analytics module powers treasury’s strategic and tactical decision making processes

It automates the production of reports and dashboards and enables unlimited ad hoc analysis and insight generation.

Through its concept of self-service business analytics, FinXTM puts end-users in full control. With FinXTM Analytics, treasury staff can navigate data using familiar business concepts rather than technical constructs. Multi-dimensional modeling allows slicing and dicing using any combination of reporting dimensions while providing drill-down to underlying data.

FinXTM Analytics is radically different from traditional general purpose business intelligence (BI) platforms. Its data structures are designed for treasury and finance; they accurately model treasury’s diverse and c omplex set of financial transactions and embody industry best practices in financial analytics and reporting.

Different from traditional BI approaches, FinXTM Analytics is deployed in weeks, not months.